Hello there from Raub, Pahang, Malaysia!

We are the Applied Kinetics team from Raub. Raub is a old gold-mining town from the British colonial days, 2 hours to the north of Kuala Lumpur and the best durians in Malaysia come from here. Raub means "scoop" and the town was given its name because of an Malay folk-saying stating there was "gold" in every "scoop" of earth. Raub's historical colonial buildings are among the oldest in Malaysia.
There are of 5 us in the team. Four of us are attending high school here in Raub and we are, Ms HENG Hei Ling, 10th grader and aged 16 from Shahbandar High School; Ms OW Ying Tung, 8th grader and aged 14 from Chung Ching Chinese High School; Mr. CHEN Jay Hou, 10th grader, aged 15 from Seri Raub High School and Mr. HO Tian Ming, 8th grader, aged 13 from Chung Ching Chinese High School (Family surnames in CAPS). We are led by our team captain, Mr. CHEN Tong Chong, aged 46. Mr. Chen runs a computer business in Raub that provides retail and commercial services. He is also Jay Hou's father.
What makes 2 guys and 2 girls with different ages from 3 different schools come together to work as a team? All of us share a common interest in music. Hei Ling plays the violin, Ying Tung plays the piano, Jay Hou plays the piano, violin and drums and Tian Ming does percussions. Mr. Chen is also a Yamaha music school teacher and he plays the organ, drums and the saxophone. Besides music, all of our families are business owners. The Chens run a computer business, while the Ho family has a high street shop that sells textiles. The Ow family business deals with hardware and construction materials like cement and timber. The Heng family businesses are in the telecommunications and in the food & beverage retail sectors. Perhaps this has inculcated a spirit of enterprise among all of us. We count ourselves lucky to be brought up in an environment where being diligent, self-starters and quick learners are crucial for survival.
We have another common interest and that is Robotics, which is why we are taking part in Google Moonbots 2017! All four of us are also taking part in FLL's Animal Allies challenge for 2016/2017.
More recently, Mr. Chen has partnered with Mr. Mickey Koh to set up a social enterprise, Applied Kinetics Resources (http://appliedkinetics.webs.com), to help promote STEM education in Malaysia's central highlands through robotics workshops using LEGO EV3 Mindstorms, VEX IQ Robot kits, as well as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 micro-controllers. Mickey has previously taken part in Google Moonbots with his team, HIGHLANDERS, in 2015. Raub and Cameron Highlands are 2 hours apart by road but Mickey has been travelling from Cameron Highlands to Raub for the past 2 years to give robotic workshops. We were very inspired by the team's effort in promoting STEM education through robotics using LEGO EV3 Mindstorms and VEX IQ robot kits. Wherever they went, they told people about the history of NASA's Apollo missions. Plus, they have been inviting people to take part in Google Moonbots should the chance come along. Their commitment and efforts were also featured in the newspapers and this was one of the ways we heard about him and his team. Besides, we were looking to see if we could start a music band and we needed a bass guitar player. Mickey likes music too and he can play the flute and the bass guitar! So now we have the right people and that's so great! (Yay!)
All of us are enterprising and committed individuals who will put in our best efforts in whatever we do. We look forward to enjoy each other's company, collaborate and experience teamwork and camaraderie while solving problems along the way to accomplish whatever we aim to achieve for the good of society. We are excited to build on and expand Team Highlander's legacy from Google Moonbots 2015 so both teams can create a lasting impression on the subject of moon exploration within Malaysia, especially in the rural areas where even 2G cellphone signals have not yet reached. Besides gold and durians, we hope to make Raub known for its STEM and Robotics programme through Google Moonbots too! We thank Google Moonbots for this chance of a lifetime to participate in the last edition of the competition.

We have launched a LunarPi contest where the winning program will be executed on our Raspberry Pi during the Robot Game for Phase 2.

Finally, thank you for reading about our team!

The Applied Kinetics Team

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

MOONBOTS 2017: A Google Lunar XPRIZE Challenge by Applied Kinetics, Malaysia

Phase 2 Answer

Present your mission and talk about MOONBOTS and STEM to an audience in public.

2017 Google MOONBOTS STEM Outreach Video by Applied Kinetics

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