Brett Leonard- Age 12

This young Dr. Frankenstein has started early in his career in the tender grade of 7. When not making monsters you can find him playing with his favorite subject: technology. He loves all animals but none more than the dodo. He definitely likes all things deceased as his favorite movie is Jurassic Park. In addition to robotics he is in 4h, Boy Scouts and is a church volunteer. He loves Saturn and is currently learning German. Soon he will have the angry sound like the best of them. He dreams of being a famous YouTuber and part time engineer. This boy is a stick figure extraordinaire with an odd sense of humor.

Lillian Runyon- Age 13

Miss Frankenstein is your average beehive hair wearing 7th grader. She loves all animals but most especially the llamas. This girl loves Harry Potter and the planet Pluto. Her favorite subject is foreign language and will Espanol you into maƱana. When not using her Spanish she is in 4h, quizbowl and an art assistant. She aspires to be a marine biologist. Watch out though. She's a knitter and a non-joke enthusiast.

James Eldridge- Age 11

When not playing Dr Frankenstein's Monster this 6th grader is having fun in 4h. He recently started soccer and is working in a play all alongside his robotic group. He loves animals, especially lambs. His favorite subject is science and loves the planet Jupiter. He watches Harry Potter when he's happy, sad, tired or glad. He dreams one day of being a bow maker. He is a voice cracking closet dancer and all around awesome!

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Moonbot Project 2017- Electric Shock Entry