We are cousins, three boys and one girl, we really like STEM, the moon and space exploration.

We have competed in many science contests, creative contests and Olympiads - won some, didn't win some, but enjoyed them all.

What we like most is to be creative and use our imagination working together, and we hope that you will enjoy our latest movie creation.

We believe that humor is one of the best ways to deliver a message :) So we created a funny film about a boy trying to send something special to the moon.

Our team and movie credits:

  • Almog (13) - Writing and video editing
  • Neta (11) - Drawings
  • Inbar (11) and Stav (13) - Dubbing

We also take care of the Elephant in the room.

If our movie is accepted we will create our game around building a livable habitat, so that in a few years Joe will be first in line to go to the moon.

Oh, and we want to come too!

Make sure subtitles are enabled when watching!

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

MOONBOTS​: An elephant on the moon