We are team Footprints of the Past. We are an all girls team from The Chapin School in Manhattan, New York. Our team members are already good friends but we hope MoonBots 2017 can bring us even closer. We are competing in MoonBots for the first time this year, and we are very excited about taking part. Our team is passionate about S.T.E.A.M., space, and N.A.S.A. We love to explore and are very creative. This year, our challenge was to think of something that we would leave on the moon. At first, we had many ideas about what to leave on the moon. We were thinking about Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon and how important they are. We also realized that there have yet to be any women who have stepped foot on the moon. We decided to leave footprints of how women have impacted the world in a positive way. We want to leave a legacy for the future so these women and their stories won’t be forgotten. It also will be important in the future and for all time. In addition to plaques with images of the women’s footprints, we will have a short two to three sentence biography about what each woman did that impacted the world in a positive way. Some women we will highlight include Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Helen Keller. As an all girls team and we’re so proud of that we can inspire other girls to join the field of science and show our girl power! And, of course, we hope we will get the chance to meet some people from the Lunar Google XPrize team!

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Moonbots 2017: Footprints of the Past