About Team Hastwalt

Hastwalt is a team of trailblazers driven to make the world a better place through science, technology, and curiosity. Our team consists of four sophomore students – a coder, a realist, a dreamer, and a tinkerer - from Challenger Early College High School in North Carolina, USA. Cedric, our project manager and head computer programmer, has a drive for efficiency and a passion for computer science. His experience in robotics and cybersecurity competitions makes him the ideal candidate to lead our team in this rigorous competition. Our second member, Dylan, is the man with the plan. As our chief strategic programmer, Dylan is responsible for finalizing the details of the team’s plans and providing the voice of reason. His keen eye for potential pitfalls and general skepticism help keep the team grounded in reality (and the rules). In particular, he keeps Noah grounded in reality. Noah serves as our primary research scientist and technical writer. His creative spark and positive attitude often inspire us during problem solving ventures and provide us the necessary motivation to persevere through the inevitable failures of the engineering process. Finally, our team would not be complete without Evan. As the Robot Design Engineer and a consummate tinkerer, Evan is responsible for the robot’s modeling and technical aspects and will lead the team in the building phase. We hope to utilize our strengths to work together and spark a change in our school, our community, and our world. The universe is vast and nearly infinite; who knows the benefits we could gain and the information we could learn from studying it? We want a role in helping mankind's understanding of the macrocosm and technology ascend to new heights. We believe it is our task to not only learn about our universe, but to strive for the betterment and prosperity of our world as a global village, united toward success. Team Hastwalt is extremely excited about the opportunities that this year’s Moonbots Challenge provides. Let’s build today to help build a better tomorrow!

What would we leave on the moon?

Team Hastwalt would leave a "hydrotract" as our legacy on the moon. This device would be able to explore the permanent shadows and other topography of the moon to find potential water-containing sites. These sites would be "mapped" in an easy-to-access format on the device for future explorers and/or colonists so they could find water. Additionally, the device would frequently take samples of lunar soil and analyze them for the presence of oxygen or potentially ammonia. These components could be later mined to help generate water on the moon for better long-term sustainability in lunar projects.

Why did we choose this object?

It's pretty simple. Without water, humans cannot survive. Future lunar exploration, lunar stations, or lunar colonies would all require water. If we could find a way to generate a sustainable supply of water from the moon itself, costs for future lunar operations would be lowered overall. Additionally, it would increase the overall feasibility of using the moon as a future launch station and/or colony base.

About Our Video:

We carefully selected our music and images to comply with copyright law. However, we still feel it is best to give credit where it is due.

Music: "Me And The Man In The Moon" by Ambassadors Orch feat. Frank Sylvano

Background Image (Wikicommons; CC0 license): CBC Chemistry Lab by Juanfeliperestrepo

Phoenix Image (Pixabay; CC0 license): by GDJ

Additional Help: Matt, a fellow Firebird, provided some extra hands during our filming process. His appearance in the video as part of "Hastwalt Productions" is with his knowledge and permission.

Not Pictured In Video: Evan, although he provided invaluable assistance during the planning and post-production phases of our video, was not able to be there on the day of filming. As such, he is not pictured in the video.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Moonbots 2017 - Team Hastwalt