This team of 4 middle school students attending the SySTEMS Charter School in Phoenix Az. has a shared interest in astronomy explorations, with expertise in different areas that will help them to develop an outstanding project. Although all team members will be involved in every part of the project, each will hold a leadership role in the decisions making and guidance for specific components of the project. For example, one expert is the robotics design and modifications controller (Jaden); one expert is the film making, communications officer and robotic coding controller (Aaron); one expert is the artistic and model development controller (Bob); and the final expert is the story development and science advisor (Zaine) for the project. The team will use multiple images collected from international satellites in a newly developed 3d software program to design a mission and support their decisions for the development and preparation of their robot to collect data that will help inform future lunar missions and explorations. The major focus is to confirm the availability and abundance of lunar water ice using current scientific information and creating a foundation for future space travel and explorations.

The video we created introduces ourselves and very briefly mentions our inspirations, what we would leave on the moon, and our mission. (in 2 minutes??! Really?!) The video can be found at: or
If you really want to know more about our team, what we have learned, and what we would like to do, please make sure you visit our school website at:

Our pages will include the science behind our mission, the inspiration that has fueled our interest in this competition, biographies about ourselves individually and as a team, current knowledge about lunar water ice and more! We will continually add to this site as we complete our team outreach component, update the status of our robot design and mission testing, and the development of our robotic challenge. We've also got some fun bloopers for you to enjoy!

We would especially like to thank our mentors and project supporters:
Dr. Sharon Price Schleigh: Moonbots Project Team Leader
STEM Education Learning Scientist
Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research (CAPER)

Jim Hughes: Moonbots Computer, Robotics & Technology Support
SCADA Systems Engineer
Western Area Power Administration

Brian Day: Moonbots Science Advisor Support
LACROSS Outreach Lead, Lunar Scientist

Dr. Michelle Thaller: Jabz Moonbots Science Advisor Support
Astronomer& Research Scientist
Spitzer & NASA Goddard Space Center

James Fryer: Jabz Moonbots Modeling & Technology Supporter
Web Development Designer and Consultant

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

JABZ Moonbots introvideo v7 Final