Four, fun, funky, fantastic cousins and their silly, space-loving, scientist aunt!

Cameron, Alex, Roman, and Adi have spent most of their lives living across the street from each other. Together they've enjoyed years of adventure, jumping on trampolines, playing video games and soccer, and of course dabbling in science. They are a great group of smart, creative, funny, critical thinkers! Their aunt Lacey wanted to be an astronaut as a little girl, but instead settled on a career in biomedical sciences here on this beautiful blue planet. However, being earthbound has had its perks. It has allowed Lacey to share her passion for science with her sensational niblings! Some of their favorite memories include experimenting with acid base chemistry, *safely* using dry ice and bubbles to learn the concept of density, and she's even helped them develop some microscopy skills.

These budding, young minds are eager to entertain you with a whimsical story about what they would leave behind on the moon!

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Kidbots: What We Would Leave Behind on the Moon