About Lullaby my moon
The moon like a beautiful luulaby that have a lot of mystery and make a dream to children for example going to the moon and live in there.These things lull us to set a team for complete all the missions that we have.Our team have 5 members.There are Tam is a captain of lullaby my moon and Fah,May,Pech and Ploy are members of team.We have a lot of mission but main missions have 5 missions.There are...
+Build a habit for human.
+Drill the moon to find water.
+Photo surface or view of the moon.
+Keep things that we found on the moon(Such as rock or other things).
+The last,Lace our country flag on the moon to show here have already surveyed.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

2017 MOONBOTS | A Google Lunar XPRIZE Challenge : Lullaby My Moon