We are Magnau-itto. We believe that creation and innovation through the use of creativity and logic can change the world. Even though we are Colombians, we are people who take in the best from everywhere and that is why we became MAGNAU-ITTO. It is the bind between greatness (Magna in latin) and ingenuity (u-itto in japanese), creating a name that binds us to an idea and establishes an unbreakable conviction that has set us on the path to to moon.

Our logo is a blue gear with a on and off sign within and our name below the gear. It stands for the ingenuity of the human race who created the most important technological object in history, the wheel, and they were so clever that they were able to modify it and created the gear, which allowed them to go to the next level of technological development. The on and off sign over the wheel is always on, stating our wit and will of going forward with our creations and adding both it states that our heads are in constant motion. The blue color binds us, coming from a country like Colombia (Yellow, Blue and Red flag), studying in a french school (Blue, White and Red flag) and using a very calm and cool color describes us properly.

We are a young team, packed with eager science lovers who attempt their first reach for an international science / tech competition. We are three 13 year-old students from a french school and we are pioneers in this sort of competition in our city, but we have started to work with our Tech teacher who has competed in the 2016 FLL competition.

SAMUEL: A happy and kind strong-working student, aviation lover, who has been the soul of the team. He has the will of fire, thus motivated to reach his achievements.

JUAN FELIPE: A video game lover, strongly interested in math and physics, at the same time a very social person with great communication skills.

DANIEL: A very thoughtful young man, also very strongly interested in math and physics, in love with robots and technological solutions, interested in developing his life through this path.

JUAN PABLO (Leader): a 32 year-old Technology teacher in love with his craft, who is specially interested in the development of his students' abilities, as well as character.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Moonbots 2017