This is one small step for a MAN, but ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND
- Neil Armstrong

MOON Explorers is made up of 2 future Scientists and Engineers, Pranav (14), Adithya (14) & our Team Captain Viju Kumar (40), we have a dream of setting up a private space agency when we grow up & spread STEM education to all the children in our community. We visited one of the Google Lunar XPRIZE Team " TEAM INDUS " and we were motivated to participate in a MOONBOTS a Google Lunar XPRIZE* Challenge.

"To Learn, read; to understand, participate."

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Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

MOONBOTS 2017 Phase 1 video by team MOON EXPLORERS.

Phase 2 Answer

Present your mission and talk about MOONBOTS and STEM to an audience in public.

MOONBOTS Phase-2 STEM & Social Outreach M.E.X

Team Robot
Team’s Playfield
Team Picture
Team’s Outreach Event
Teams Experience