The Moon Ventures is a team of 2 who have dreams in their eyes and passion for creating something amazing. Sai Tanvesh (The Doodler), Kavinayaa (The Explorer) along with Mohan (Captain - The Creative Dude) .

The Doodler is 8 years old who has been doodling ever since he has held a pencil. He loves science and passionately follows all science documentaries about space and universe. He loves playing Algodoo and Kerbal Space Station. The Explorer is 13 years old and she sings, you can find her head buried in novels and lost in her own world. The two have good experience in robotics and have been creating robots using Lego Mindstorm for more than 3 years now. The Creative Dude ...Ah! That’s their Creative Dad not Dude. Well, he is passionate about teaching. In his spare time, he is busy creating comic books and science crafts for his kids...

On the robotics ventures, the Doodler and the Explorer had created robots that helps reduce the global warming by adding more greenery to earth. The Explorer won the 2nd prize in her category while the Doodler won 3rd prize in his category as a youngest creator.

We had been following the Moonbots challenges closely since last 2 years and the little doodler was eagerly waiting to be 8 years to be eligible to participate and now is the time for the team to gear up for the 2017 challenge. We are excited. We are ready and raring to go...

Our Mission
Ever since man has looked up into the vast space, the moon has been the most captivating object in the night sky. It has captured the imaginations of many and has given the human a reason to dream about. The dream we are in pursuit to give life a new home. We are taking up a challenge to change the face of the moon from the white and dark specks to beautiful green and blue shades of life.

The next time man lands on the moon; he will have a reason to CELEBRATE LIFE!!!

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

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