Whelp, that’s one word out of the way. Good day! We are Project Sun and Moon. How are you doing? My name is Karina Tice, and my teammate/comrade is Andrew Redding. (Also, known as Aj) We are both 13, and go to Brink Junior High. We are in 7th grade, and we are huge dorks and anime nerds. Besides robotics and watching anime, some of my other activities include working out, listening to music, reading, writing, and playing video games. Some of Aj’s hobbies are drawing, writing, watching anime, and playing video games. We met a a few months ago at robotics, and became good friends afterwards. We can always make each other laugh and have a good time. We were previously on a robotics team together, and we made it all way to State, though on separate teams after Aj switched groups. Our robotics teacher, Mr.s Tyner, told the previous robotics teams about this contest, and we were immediately interested. Filming for this contest was really enjoyable too. I had tons of fun editing the video! But that’s about all you need to know about our team. Unless you want our address and social security number, you have come to the wrong team! I hope you had a wonderful time reading this long paragraph. This is Project Sun and Moon, signing out.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Project Sun and Moon: MoonBots Challenge