We are team PSLV. We take immense pride in the achievements of the indigenous satellite launch vehicle of our country.
PSLV-XL will be carrying Team Indus' rover to the moon along with Japan's Hakuto rover by the end of 2017.

There are 4 members in the team:
1. Anant Agnihotri (10 yrs old) is a grade 4 student. He likes dancing, story-reading and eating!
2. Astik Yadav (12 yrs old) is a grade 6 student. He likes tinkering way too much and ends up creating new things or sometimes destroying existing ones!
3. Harsh Singh (14 yrs old) is a grade 6 student. He has deep interest in space technology.
4. Harshit Singh (14 yrs old) is a grade 6 student. He daydreams most of the time to go to moon in his self designed spacesuit.

The Team Captain is Mr N K Dubey, the Principal of Ideal Public Academy, where these kids study. He takes keen interest in technology and engineering, and is a well known Mathematics teacher too.

The students have shown exceptional enthusiasm for this competition and they believe "where there's will there's a way". They have keen interest in learning robotics.
They never got a chance to get their hands working on robots and hence this competition makes it even more special.
This is their first ever participation in a robotics competition,and they are excited to represent the school.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Team PSLV (IPA), MOONBOTS: A Google Lunar XPRIZE Challenge 2017