Team members of “Revolve Moon” (Robot Evolution on the Moon) are 10 years old twin girls from Jerusalem, Israel.
Shachar loves animals and astronomy and want to be a space veterinary.
Shaked would like to be a space chief as the food in Sci-Fi movies and space documentaries looks awful and she wants to make it more appetizing and tasty.
Sabina is our mom and captain, who wishes she could explore the space during the week and be back to smell the Earth’s flowers at the weekends.
We are passionate about science, especially astronomy. We try to visit every scientific event that is open for us, participate in afterschool science activities like National spider collection and astronomy classes.
We also engage in sports like roller hockey, acrobatics and trekking.
There is no more beautiful and interesting place for us to learn astronomy and science as desert under clear night sky.
This school year we established first FLL team in our school “Robolon” with friends from fifth and sixth grade. We got first place for “presentation" of the science project in district competition.
It is very important for us that more of our girl friends will be intrigued about astronomy and robotics, as there are significantly fewer girls than boys in all the activities that have to do with science. We invite them to join us at public events, like “Israeli space week” and FLL competitions.
If the scientist will find our idea useful and applicable, we would like to be part of the team that will run this experiment.
We will be ready to work in space in 15 years.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

MoonBots challenge 2017 - Team Revolve Moon