ROBOmanians is a team who has been participating in FLL and other STEM competitions for the past 4 years. They all love robots, enjoy building, programming and playing with them. The four team members go to the same school, Le-Petit-Prince. The little prince story keeps inspiring them.

This is our amazing team:

I'm Elise. Soccer is my preferred sport, while space is something I always enjoy reading. One day I would like to walk on the moon but for now I'm happy to be part of this great team all looking to get closer to it.

My name is Leonardo. I love painting, playing games and robots. Even though french is not my mother tongue I love everything about it. Same as Elise, soccer is my sport but programing robots is my preferred task. Can't wait to be challenged by phase II.

Bonjour, my name is Sebastien. Math is my preferred subject. My favorite sport is karate and I am one belt away of being a black belt. Robot building is my thing, I never get tired prototyping or testing different mechanisms.

And I'm Stefan. I like everything about robotics, building, programing and of course competing. Track and field is my sport while high jump is my specialty. My preferred subject is as well math but, acting is what I enjoy most and being the captain of our school improv team feels great.

We are all excited to participate to this competition.This is our first and hopefully not last time competing in Moonbots. We plan to fight hard and our goal is to raise the bar in this competition like in high jump. We wish all competitors good luck.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

ROBOmanians Moonbots Challenge 2017