Note: This is to inform you, the idea given below is 100% applicable, we are already with blueprints. This was given because many thinks this is hypothetical.

SEPT better Space Exploration Program Topology is a group which dreams for distance travelling, mining and life production. A topology to create an exploration program for endless travelling in infinite space . Mining in such zones and leading life existence. Leading to more distance travelling and exploring the mysterious universe. The plan is making checkpoints for larger distances and mining there too. Which allows a rocket to refill its fuel and even rest for population growth in space. Imagine you want to go at Jupiter's moon. You can't go directly. Better make checkpoints.
1st- From Earth to moon
2nd- From moon to Mars
3rd- From Mars to Jupiter's moon
Therefore, we can somehow reach Jupiter's moon if and only if, we have fuel and minerals on our checkpoints. The project is the same. The rover of ours will go to the checkpoint for mining, will create materials required, produce fuel, hence whatever we want is done.
After the production of environment on the checkpoint, the team of ASTRONAUT's will leave for the checkpoint and the robot will be launched for another checkpoint. This will allow us to make large distance travelling in space, will make life existence possible and will even import elements from outer space. It will even create places like Earth to survive. As there is environment available we don't require space suits on checkpoints.
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Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?