Our command is a command of dreamers and enthusiasts who wishes to see our own eyes a lunar surface and martian plains. A robotics is a fascinating way to carry out this dream. Few of us have dared to participate in the competition – MoonBots 2017.
We take a great interest a robotics, science fiction, we dream about space and we want to fly there. We adore «Star Wars» by George Lukas.
We are engaged in robotics club many years, early in the school and now in private robotics club. We have experience of participation in robotics competitions, like Robofest 2015 (Russia). The link is here: http://www.rsh-engineering.com/News/20150313news.html

Project MOONBOTS is a part of dream which can become a reality! We want to be space engineers, who will create new technology to fly to other planets. And we want to go step by step to our dream together with you and all participants of competitions.
Members of our team:
- Richard Tkachenko (member of team, mechanic, programmer, just a young space engineer)
- Liza Vergel (member of team, mechanic, design, photographer, just a young space engineer)
- Irina Tkachenko (Captain of team, teacher of а robotics and programming)

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Moonbots 2017 SpaceFoxes