STEAMBots is a team of three highly motivated young scientists and future engineers (aged between 8 and 14) who are entering this competition for the second time. We are active members of a robotics club and passionate about using robots for space explorations. We were finalists of the 2015 Moonbots competition. During the last season we had acquired a valuable experience presenting our moon story to a wide audience, encouraging the youth to get involved in robotics and engineering, as well as participating in a future Moonbots competition. That story ends and this one begins with us preparing to leave the moon - and our star robot behind there to prepare for the next human visit to the moon and make a habitat with supplies ready for us...

We are more than ready to take on a new challenge putting our abilities, creativity and knowledge to work designing, building and testing out our moonbot prototype, and hoping to be chosen to move on to phase II. Blast off to the Moon!

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Moonbots 2017 challenge video essay by SteamBots