We are the Team Indus Jr. inspired from Team Indus competing in Lunar X Prize.
Our Team consists of 3 Members : -
1) Chandrakant Kadam ( Captain )
2) Aditya Kadam ( Member)
3) Aishwarya Kadam ( Member )
We are new in this competition. We are hardworking, passionate and cool. That's we are called Team Indus.
Indus means a river in India that gives life to 100000k peoples.
We are curious about the competition and are expecting for positive results.

Team Indus - Aspire

Thanks for knowing about us

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Answer to Phase One is Submitted to link :- coming soon !

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Moonbots Phase One Final answer 2017 - Team Indus Jr.