We are Team Rocket Rover. We got that name by compromising, some of us wanted our team to be called Team Rover and some people wanted us to be called Team Rocket. We all know each other because we live in the same neighborhood. We all like to play videos games and play outside building various structures including home made teepees. This is a little information about us. Dante and Mick are 9, and 11. One is in lower school and the one is in middle school in the Bronx. Sam is 10 and in fifth grade in Manhattan. Marcus is 10 and in fourth grade in the Bronx. We enjoy learning about space exploration and NASA--one of our instructors at school actually works for NASA! One of us has competed in the Lego First competition for the first time last year and knows a little bit about programming robots to complete tasks. The rest of the team are excellent at building many types of things. We are working very hard right now on our Phase 1 entry and are looking forward to telling you what we would send to the moon.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

MOONBOTS: A Google Lunar XPRIZE Challenge- Team Rocket Rover