Tecnoterricolas are Julia, Elena and Irati, three nice 9 years old scientist girls. They have some experience in FLL, as participants in 2017 FLL Euskadi -our regional tournament- where they got the Research Award, as well as in JrFLL Burgos and JrFLL Euskadi, two regional tournaments in Northern Spain. Elena and Julia were also participating at Open European Championship JrFLL 2014 in Pamplona and at the Open European Championship JrFLL 2016 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. All three were also a team at Moonbots 2015. They became good friends learning scratch, astronomy, robotics, physics. Geocaching... in TecnoClub, our local Stem club. Teamwork is natural among them, because they work and play and learn together since they were 5 years old. They are creative, they like music, play soccer, skating... They like Space and the Moon. One of their project in JrFLL was about telescopes, and visited the Sociedad AstronĂ³mica Alavesa (regional Astronomic Association) to know, with sceintist working in Astronomy, about telescopes and the sky. They were also involved in TecnoClub Elburgo Aerospace project, launching atmospheric balloons and recovering them.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Team Tecnoterricolas - Moonbots 2017