We are team Wolf Corp. A robotics team from Walnut, California. Our team goal is to be a good role model and to inspire children to get involved in STEM education and Robotics. This year is our third year to participate in Moonbots.

On top of Moonbots competition, we compete in FLL. Our team likes to help others and this year we mentored 8 new FLL teams. These past 2 years, we have participated in more than 40 outreach events, such as at the L.A. and O.C. Fairs, Discovery Science Cube and Lego BrickFest. Kids and adults are amazed by our robots. Of course, we also share the information about Moonbots.

We enjoy giving back to communities in US and overseas. We walked 5k to raise Autism awareness, raised money for the American Cancer Society, hosted 2 robotics workshops at a public library, and donated our STEM materials to children in Ghana.

Our team agreed to leave an advance rover on the moon to research the moon more. One reason for this would be that we could possibly learn more about our own natural satellite with an advanced research robot to take photographs and analyze data. This data would not only help us learn more about the moon but would also prepare us for other manned missions to the moon. If we set up a colony on the moon, we would get a lot of information for it beforehand. This would help us study the moon so that colonies could be possible. Another reason is that we could possibly make a 3D map of the moon so that companies could use it for virtual reality and open up many new opportunities for both entertainment and profit. Yet another reason why putting an advanced robot on the moon is that we could measure the effects of the moon using it, which would also help for when humans would return to the moon. If the robot finds some valuable material, then scientists could possibly use its sensors to study it.

Hopefully, everyone like our Moonbot video and we will advance to phase2 because we are looking forward to create the game and share it with the world.

Phase 1 Answer

What you would leave behind on the Moon as a legacy for future generations?

Wolf Corp. Moonbot 2017